Which Accessories to Pack Along for a Backpack Tour?


You can travel the world much better with a backpack tour, whether you wish to spend time in Peru, trek the Amazon or visit the Czech Republic. Seasoned travel backpackers will advise you to bring the right things on your trip and know about which things to pack. With these useful travel accessories, you can be organized, mobile and light in weight as a backpacker.

Travel Towel

While traveling, you may obviously skip a few showers due to cold weather etc. Eventually, however, you would like to clean yourself and dry off. However, regular towels tend to be quite heavy but take a long time to get dried. When you pack these while still wet, there can be mildew. These issues can be solved when you take along travel towels. These are super light in weight and can fold to a fraction of what standard towels weigh. These can dry very quickly, and most of these may combat the buildup of mildew and fungus.

Travel Underwear

What holds true for standard towels also applies for standard cotton underwear. These are places for odor and fungus buildup, and take much time to get dry. Fast-drying underwear for travel tends to dry in time, so that you may pack or even wear them by the next flight. These can withstand the stress of daily wear and can fight bad bacteria and odors.

Travel Soap Sheets

These are one of the most efficient, compact and lightest ways to remain clean at the time of travel. Soap sheets, such as for shaving, shampooing or bathing, are just 1-inch and are as thin as paper. These can lather easily in water. Such types of sheets satisfy requirements for travel, and are just a part of what liquids weigh. These occupy much less space in their luggage or backpack.

Packing Cubes

These are zippered mesh or nylon rectangles, and you can compress and pack your clothes and gear into them before you place them into a travel backpack. With packing cubes, you can pack a lot more belongings into the same area and have everything properly organized.

International Plug Adapters

The world is diverse and the same holds true to the electrical systems of each continent. Thus, you have to bring along a proper adapters that can be plugged easily into AC outlets in Asia, Africa, Europe and some other countries. You may purchase individual adapters that are best for each specific area, or buy universal kits that allow you to plug in easily – irrespective of your location.

Solar Charger

It can be amazing for you to venture into places that have been visited by only a handful of travelers before. However, the more remote your destination is, the less the chances of finding modern facilities are. You may get cellular network in some areas, but lack the power for your phone. With compact and lightweight solar chargers, you can keep your electronic devices powered regardless of how far you go.

Money Belt

It can be very stressful and time consuming for you to replace your cash, credit cards and passport in remote areas. Thus, you would like to cling on to those items that you deem as most valuable. Money belts are tiny pouches that remain discreet as you wear them beneath your pants and around your waist. It can be used to hide your cash and passport, and keep them safe from robbers – most of whom lack the time to check beneath clothes of those they loot. Remember to carry a few dollars in a false wallet as a decoy, to keep them away from your real money.

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