Why a Train Journey Can Make for a Great Family Vacation?

Why a Train Journey Can Make for a Great Family Vacation?

When it comes to a family vacation, few things can be better than a train journey. While that might seem like confusing or even downright ridiculous for many people, train trips have quite a few benefits to consider. Your vacation can actually begin the very moment you hop onto a train and leave for your holiday destination. From the stunning countryside to the bustling cities, you can just sit back and enjoy seeing all of them from up-close. Find out why a journey by train can make for a wonderful vacation.

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Low-cost fares

With the costs of car fuel rising every now and then, traveling by car is becoming costlier with time. The expenses can be especially higher for long distance car trips, and you might have to spend a lot before reaching your destination. This is not the case with train trips, where you can go more on your money. There are discounts on train fares offered to kids, students and senior citizens. It can make a major difference to your travel budget when you are planning travel with family members of various ages.


Train travel can also let you begin holiday trips more easily. This type of travel is easier for groups and families, and everyone can arrive at their destination at the same time by train. There is no need for negotiating rates for taxi rides or car lifts or car sharing. While it is true that you might have to queue at customs for going to your destination, it will be possible for you to have a vacation trip minus the stress. When you make a rail trip, all that you have to do is reach your station for departure and just hop onto the right train.

Easier baggage policies

These days, you have to pay a luggage fee with most of the top airline companies which have strict rules about how much baggage can be taken aboard. The luggage allowance policies of train operators are, however, less stringent.

More leg room

Unlike in cars or buses where you have limited space to sit in, there is more room and you can sit in relaxation with your near and dear ones. You can chat with them and catch up on what is happening in their lives. They too, can find out about what you are doing now. For kids, train journey has a novelty. You can keep them entertained with treats and games, and it will be a welcome break from having to manage what is nothing short of a battlefield in the backseats during car trips.

Reduced trip time

With rail travel, the journey time is reduced a lot as there is no need to stop often at roadside services for refreshment. You can have a relaxed, comfortable journey, opting for what is on offer at the catering service in-carriage. Or you may wait for the trolley service. Generally, rail stations are located very close to ferry terminals and airports. Thus, you can quickly hop off your train and check in after walking for only a few minutes.

Hassle-free travel

While traveling by train, nobody in your group has to be in charge of driving. Each of you will be free to move about, read a book, chat or simply take a nap. Or you may use the onboard Wi-Fi to catch the latest movies or visit the news websites to find out about what is happening where. Your activities will not be restricted to your seat. With road travel, there are inconveniences such as getting caught up in unpredictable routes or heavy traffic. Travel by train means that such issues are not a concern anymore.

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