Types of Travelers You Can Meet While On Vacation

Types of Travelers You Can Meet While On Vacation

The Internet has made it easier for people to find out about other places, book tickets easily and visit those regions. During air, train or bus travel, you get to spend a long time with others and get to know them up-close. As a traveler, you would definitely come across various types of trippers. Part of the fun of travel is to meet such people and know more about them. If you find them compatible, you may even form short or long-term friendship with them and even get to see them forever.

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Talkative travelers

They are the friendliest of the lot, and talk much about almost anything under the sun. They love to have people listen to them and enjoy those who reciprocate to them and communicate with them on a similar level. Contrary to popular perception, not all of them are mindless or relentless talkers. Many travelers are actually observant, intelligent people who are good listeners as well and like to mix with people who talk sensibly around them.

Silent travelers

These are the most introvert travelers who are observant of people and happenings around them. You cannot make friends with them that much, as they refuse to open up and generally reply in monosyllables or very few sentences even if you ask them something. It can be boring and difficult to travel with such people, unless you have a similar mindset. However, if you manage to become friendly with them, you might be surprised at how much interesting they can be. Generally, the silent folks are the most intelligent of the lot.


These people like to not miss out on anything in the destination. They have a to-do list with them prepared beforehand, possibly created at home, and take it now every now and then to check that they have seen all the places that are there on their list. Their list might mention the spots that they wish to visit, the dishes that they would love to try, the activities that they would live to take part in etc.

Compulsive travelers

They like to take along everyone and everything on their trip. They never like to move alone – even when they have to visit a shop! They constantly look for company in everything that they do and go on bugging people around to accompany them in each of their activities. It is during these times that they come off as slightly bossy or dominating. Willingly or unwillingly, people tend to be their companions.

Cleanliness freaks

In your traveling group, you are likely to find one of these people at least. They make a fuss over the quality or cleanliness of almost anything. They refuse using the public eateries or restrooms, stress on the hygiene of drinking water being served at the roadside stalls and make a non-stop fuss over about anything that they can lay their eyes on. But these are the sorts of people who get things moving around. You can trust on them to argue with the authorities to get clean rooms or the best drinking water, get people to cook foods for the group, arrange milk for your baby etc.

Carefree travelers

They do not have a care of whether they get to see their destination or not, or have people for company or being served the best facilities and amenities. These people are mostly early birds and step early out of their hotel rooms, not asking others to join them. They are usually with some other person – such as a spouse / beau – and like to travel at his / her own pace. Even in a group, they love to enjoy a private space.

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