Top Things You Should Never Do While Staying in a Hotel

Top Things You Should Never Do While Staying in a Hotel

Whether you go for vacation or on a business trip, accommodation happens to be one of the most important aspects of your trip. It is not enough to find a hotel within your budget, as you also have to pay attention to how you should act while staying there. Hospitality industry experts have some vital recommendations to travelers about the things they should avoid doing while staying in a hotel, so as to enjoy your stay with no problems or issues.

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Do not share your room number to anybody

If you wish to be visited or contacted by anybody, the desk agent should first take your permission and then point your room no. to him her. There is no need to disclose it to everybody in the world.

Do not scream at the hotel staffs

Every hotel that is serious about serving its customers will recruit hardworking and courteous staffs for housekeeping and management. However, it is still possible that there will be a few bad apples. Some of the staffs might not satisfy your expectations. But you can expect this in most hotels, especially in budget accommodations. Even if you encounter very unpleasant services, never scream at staffs as you might get into bad arguments with the discourteous ones.

Don’t get irritated with the security measures

Even if a friend comes to meet you, and the desk agent asks for his ID, do not get annoyed. It is part of the routine process and is done for the best interests of yourself as well as the other guests staying at the hotel. You should also avoid letting in into your room anyone who claims to be a hotel staff if he/she is unable to show his ID card issued by the management.

Do not accuse hotel staff if you suspect stealing

If you find a personal belonging missing from your room/travel bag, do not immediately start accusing the hotel staff of stealing the same. First, you should search a lot and make sure that the stuff has actually gone missing and even if it has been stolen, whether that has occurred outside the hotel. If you are sure that it is an inside job, contact the manager and report the same to him. Ask him to take proper action, based on how much damage you have suffered.

Never order room service that is dirty

If you find that the pages are dirty / torn, avoid ordering from the room service. Never order if you find that the menu reads dishes from some other season, for example, summer dishes during winter and vice versa.

Don’t soil the hotel bathroom

Do not use the clean washcloths in your bathroom for shining your shoes or for taking makeup off. These are not intended for such purposes, and it is advisable that you avoid doing this keeping the interests of future guests who will be staying in the same room as yours. Imagine how you would feel if you walked into your hotel bathroom to find dirty washcloths.

Never throw dangerous items into your trash bin

It is important that you avoid tossing in dangerous objects such as sharp broken glasses, insulin needles etc that could injure the cleaning staffs. Dispose of the items in a proper way. It is essential that you clean your room properly before you vacate it. Make sure that you pack your luggage in a proper way, and dispose of what you would not like to take back. Pack used needles and similar items in a paper or plastic packet and hand it over to the cleaning staff separately so that the job is made easier for them.

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