What are Some Important Tips for First-Time Hikers?

What are Some Important Tips for First-Time Hikers?

If you have many friends and loved ones who like to go camping, or travel, you have possibly been invited for a hike at least once. This can be an entertaining activity for you, whether you like outdoor activities or not. With hiking, you can see many beautiful types of scenery and get to see nature like never before. Above all, you can keep laptop, phone aside and develop a stronger relationship with your friends. In case you have plans to go on a hiking trip for the first time, these are some important tips that you should follow as a first-timer hiker.

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Pick an easy trail

Hiking, as with any other outdoor activities or sport, can be made in many difficult situations. All of these are based on the trail of your choice, and whether it would be apt for your own level. As a first time hiker or beginner, you must pick a trail that suits your fitness levels. Once you begin to get adjusted to it, you may pick tougher trails over time. You also need to condition your body and mind for such trips. You can practice this at a trail nearby, and go as far as possible – each and every time. When you feel tired, you can take enough rest before moving on again. In the absence of a trail, you can train yourself in the gym by trying out workouts such as stair climber and elliptical climber.

Choose basic equipment and gear

As hikes are outdoor activities, you must get prepared for your outdoor trip as far as gear and clothing are concerned. A good pair of footwear is the most essential gear that you would like to use. You can choose a high quality pair of shoes made of solid rubber, although the choice of shoes should be based on the trail that you are planning to hike on. It is advisable that you buy a decent pair of hiking boots or shoes that extend proper ankle support, preferably choosing a water-resistant pair. It is very important that you break the shoes in prior to hiking, in order to prevent blisters on your feet. Walking with blisters can be very painful and discomforting. Bring a few blister band aids, just in case you need them.

Hydrate and eat properly

You would need lots of energy to last throughout the trip. Make sure that you stick to a good meal consisting of solid foods prior to going. You can pack energizing snacks, preferably the ones that are light and consist of plenty of healthy fats and natural sugars. It is highly recommended that you consume nuts and dried fruits. Do not forget to bring your water bottle along, so that you can stay well-hydrated. Remember that hiking involves the body as well as the mind, and you have to condition both of these before going on a trip. This is important if you would like to have an enjoyable hike and see a lot during the trip without experiencing any discomfiture.

Go with experienced hikers

Try to avoid hikers who are beginners like you. Plan to have at least one experienced hiker in your group, so that you can get guidance from someone who is reliable, having ‘been-there-and-done-that’. From camping to exploration to avoiding the wrong kinds of foods, people and water bodies, you can get reliable advice that would do you a lot of good. You can write the tips down somewhere so that you can make even solitary trips without anyone to help you around. However, you would definitely need an experienced hiker to help you for the first few times.

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