Important Tips Every Solo Female Traveler Should Follow

Important Tips Every Solo Female Traveler Should Follow

Traveling solo is fast catching up, and many females like to go on trips alone – more than ever before in time. However, if you are a female traveler who is planning solo travel – possibly for the first time – you would do better to consider your safety. The world, as you probably already know, is not a very nice place and not every country out there is safe for women to travel to alone. Solitary women can easily be targeted by locals, and criminals thrive on solo females traveling without any companion. Here are some important tips for solo female travelers to follow, especially while going to foreign lands.

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Dress properly

Avoid skin show. It is never sensible to cause sexual excitement in others, which is truer in some countries more than others. Cases of molestation, rape and sexual abuse are not unheard of, and there is, in fact, a rise in such cases around the world. People in some cultures also prefer women to dress modestly while visiting churches, temples, mosques and other sacred places. Also, try to cover any tattoos that you might have, as these are not liked by everybody. Some cultures also look down upon tattoos. It is thus always better to keep your body covered and avoid showing skin in a few countries.

Be polite

As a traveler, it is a good idea to keep a smiling face and exhibit politeness. In most parts of the world, you can escape or tackle many difficult situations by being polite and acting friendlier with the locals. However, try to stay away from locals who try to be too friendly to you. Do not hesitate to say “No” if you smell anything fishy. In most cases, you can have your instincts telling you what is wrong and what is not. For instance, if anyone is trying to befriend you and inviting you somewhere – possibly to a place other than a public spot – and you do not have a good feeling about it, say “No” politely and avoid the situation.

Avoid traveling at night

It is best that you avoid travels during night time, especially if you are considering traveling without a companion. You are recommended to cover distances during the morning and take rest in a hotel/lodge at night. Even when it comes to developed nations such as the U.S, not all places are safe for females to roam about at night.

Know about scams

Before you visit any nation, whether Russia, Malaysia, India or Britain or any other nation for that matter, it is better to be aware of the place and do some research about the different types of scams that are faced by travelers. Forewarned is forearmed – as it is said, and it can actually help you to understand what you should or should not do while facing such issues.

Keep your belongings with you

You must have heard horror stories about cab safety, and the last thing that you would like is to face such a horrid experience yourself. Always try keeping your items with you so that if you have to jump off the cab, you can do that without a second thought. Before you ride a cab, try to note down its number. Do this with every cab. It is very simple, as you can simply take out your mobile phone and click a snap of the number plate. In case you face any mishap, you may simply share the cab number with the cops or those close to you. As a solo female traveler, you should never ignore this travel tip.

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