How to Make Your Kids Enjoy a Beach Holiday?

How to Make Your Kids Enjoy a Beach Holiday?

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Beaches are wonderful places for adults to go for a swim, surf and sun-bath. However, it is more than all these for kids. It is an altogether different world for them. They can enjoy all the freedom on the beaches, and they are limited only by their imagination. They can surf, dive, play, sing, dance and indulge in many activities that can be enjoyed only by children on the beach. Here are some activities that you can let your children enjoy while on a beach holiday.

Hunting treasures

It is one of the best and most favorite games for children. With all the sand around, it is easier to hide things and have more fun. As a parent, you can modify this game in many ways. You can start by hiding stuffs beneath the sand then putting an identifier above it. Ask your children to guess what lies under the identifier. For instance, you can place a bangle atop if you are putting a children’s jewelry box beneath the sand. The bangle atop will give a clue as to what lies beneath the sand.

Beach Bowling

The first part of the game involves making bowling pins from sand, and then using them to play a bowling game with friends. The pins can be remade each time, which can demand more involvement from your kids from the game. They may play it solo or even in groups, creating pins, taking turns for the bowling etc.

Making Funny Beach Faces

You can show your own creativity with the sand. It is possible to draw many funny faces on the sand. While kids create such faces, they may also play a game wherein they can converse with one another not by speaking but by making faces. It can let them understand the various types of human emotions. They might even invent some new emoticons in this way.

Creating a Sun-Dial

It is among the simplest and easiest activities that can be enjoyed over a beach. Just a few pebbles and a stick are needed, which can easily be obtained. The stick should be placed in an upright posture in the middle, and the pebbles have to be put around it at an equal distance from one another in a circular fashion. When kids relax and play, they can watch and learn how the sun’s movement is related to the time system.

Making Beach-Tents

Children can make a small beach-tent with a few pebbles of medium size, a few sticks and their bed-sheet. They can experience how it feels like to live in a tent in a jungle, although they can get that feel in a safer place, the “beach”, instead of the jungle where they might be exposed to dangerous insects at least, not to mention the wild animals that are a part of the overall package. You can decorate his tent like a hut and put a few bushes around it.

Making Hide and Seek Castles

This has been a favorite beach activity for kids for a really long, long time. Kids have to first construct several castles out of sand and then name them individually. As the game goes on, one of them has to be the ‘finder’ and the others are supposed to try and conceal themselves behind the castle. Then, the ‘finder’ has to guess who is there behind every castle.

Searching for shells

This is a game that can be played solo or even in a group. You can let your child look for various types of shells, and accumulate them. In a group game set-up, the one who collects the most number of shells can become the winner.

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