How to Have a More Enjoyable Camping Cooking Experience?

How to Have a More Enjoyable Camping Cooking Experience?

While camping, it can be more satisfying for you to enjoy a filling meal as you can also enjoy fresh air and amazing views while having sumptuous foods. When you camp outside, you basically enjoy home away from your home. Thus, it is important to cook up mouthwatering foods similar to the dishes that you prepare at home. Although resources in the kitchen are more limited when you cook outdoors, you can still get lots of ways to cook up hearty meals to satiate your tummy. Here are some useful cooking tips that would add to your enjoyment while eating outdoors.

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Plan meals and prepare at home

It can be more convenient for you to plan meals for the entire trip beforehand. Thus, prepare a list ad abide by the same. You can prepare all the ingredients while you are still at home, and measure and chop the same to cook easily when you are at the camp. Store the wet and dry ingredients separately, so as the risks of contamination and leakages are eliminated. It is best to go for lightweight containers having tight lids and re-saleable plastic bags. By doing all these, you can save plenty of time and prevent ugly messes at your camping site.

Get a cast iron skillet

Once you have prepared all the ingredients and packed them in a proper way, it is time for you to consider your cookware. It is recommended that you bring only those tools that you would use actually, so as not to increase your baggage load unnecessarily. It can be best to take a cast-iron skillet along, as it lasts for a long time and can be held over a campfire comfortably. These are extremely versatile, as you can cook up many dishes on them easily – whether dry or wet meals.

Take along aluminum foil and bags

It is great to take heavy duty aluminum bags along, as these make the cooking process actually hassle-free – particularly if you do not like to take along heavy cookware. Such kinds of bags let you prepare delicious dishes easily over a campfire with vegetables and meat with no messes. It can also be extremely useful to use aluminum foil of heavy-duty form while doing campfire cooking. This type of foil can be used for covering leftovers, or to cook basic meals or even to keep meals warm. You may cook various campfire meals with a cast iron skillet or aluminum foil. If you are feeling lazy enough to do chopping or cutting, just use an aluminum foil to wrap a potato and keep it over the coals. Once you have it cooked over fire, spread some amount of butter over the steaming potato and you can get it prepared.

Use squeeze bottles

It is always better to pack light while you are camping. However, if you wish to cook up mouthwatering dishes while outdoors, you need to take along plenty of ingredients. This is where squeeze bottles prove to be handy. You can keep the liquid stuffs for your cooking, such as condiments, oils, dressings, pancake batter etc. These do not take up a lot of space.

Take Dutch ovens along

You can find two types of Dutch ovens for cooking purposes. One of these comes with a flat lid and its outer side has a lip. It is ideal for baking as you can place hot coals atop the lid, and ensure an even baking experience. The other one comprises of a dome lid with the inside having bumps that can let the moisture drop back to the pot when you are cooking.

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