Best Tips to Travel Well with Your Dog on Flight

Best Tips to Travel Well with Your Dog on Flight

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If you are a dog owner, it can be easier for you to consider traveling with your canine friend – given that dogs tend to travel much better as compared to cats. In case your own canine companion is used to car travel, it is unlikely to be disturbed with air travel. Here are some of the best tips for you to have a pleasant, safe air trip with your pet dog.

Get your dog certified travel-ready

Before the air travel, certify the health of your dog. In many areas, this is a legal requirement. According to Federal Law, a dog has to be certified within ten days of the trip that it is vaccinated, healthy and free of all contagious disorders. It is actually a critical requirement for almost any pet that you take along for travel, whether small or big.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Do not fly with your canine companion in temperatures that are under 35 degrees or more than 85 degrees. A number of airlines impose “cold embargos” or “heat embargos” on the air travel of dogs during the winter or summer season. In other words, the airline companies impose prohibitions on the air travel of dogs during such times. Do not view this as a challenge, as the airline companies do this only to stop death or diseases, and ensure a secure flight for dogs.

Quarantine your dog before international air travel

For out-of-country travel by air, you must remember that England, New Zealand and a few other nations quarantine dogs and all other pets that arrive by air. Before you make a trip and book reservations, get accustomed to the laws, processes and requirements of the destination of your choice. Unless you are going on a non-stop flight, understand that you could need to manage regulations in various places.

Avoid tranquillizing your pet during the trip

Even though tranquilization might appear to be recommendable at the time of dog air travel, it is not actually the case. Tranquillizers are often the main reason for the sickness or death of dogs while traveling by air. Your pet dog cannot be given professional or immediate medical care at the time of air travel. Unnecessary medicines tend to be more damaging than they can be beneficial. Many airliners actually reject the entry of tranquillized pets as part of a security precaution.

Ensure that your dog behaves obediently while traveling

It is essential as a flier with a pet to ensure that your pet dog is in a good mood to go on the flight. Sadly, even short distance air trips mean dogs have to be kept separate from their owners for hours, with only service dogs being an exception. If you have a big or medium-sized dog, it is likely to be confined to only a shipment crate for the whole duration of the flight. This can be disturbing for your pet, but if it is in a good mood and cheerful disposition it will probably not mind the discomfort. Make sure that you toss its favourite toy inside the crate

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