4 Signs That Shows You Need a Vacation

4 Signs That Shows You Need a Vacation

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Vacation as a topic takes the back burner in our to-do lists. In fact, an average American can go a year or two without taking a break. This doesn’t only lead to burnout due to accumulated stress, it is also the underlying cause of various health issues.

Research shows that traveling has a magical way of healing our body, mind, and soul. Travelling is both a stress reliever and an anxiety depressant. It helps keep healthy issues at bay while renewing your mind and soul as well.

When was the last time you had a getaway? If you can’t answer that without rattling your brain then, I guess it’s high time we had a talk.

Here are a few signs that are screaming ‘take a break already,’ do not pay a deaf ear to them.

1. You Are Having More Sad Than Happy Days

Days gradually roll into weeks and weeks into months and months into years yet you still maintain a particular routine. This is a big cry for help. Why? It is because you are gradually building your stress level, pushing yourself over limits and the resulting effect is a burnout or a long stay at the hospital. If you fall under this category, you should book a vacation NOW!

2. You Are Having Difficulties Sleeping

The human body can only take so much. After which it starts functioning abnormally. Building up stress affects every organ in your body especially your brain. This is why you find out that your overall performance both at work and at home reduces drastically when you are stressed. Another effect of accumulated stress is sleep deprivation. Millions of Americans spend tons of dollars on sleeping pills. Over 80% of Americans do not have up to 6-hour shut-eye every night. This increases their stress hormone making them susceptible to various diseases and syndromes and significantly impacting on their productivity negatively. If you still struggle to sleep at night, then, you should start planning a vacation now.

3. You Find Every Little Task Difficult

When you start to see every little molehill as a mountain then, it is time for a getaway. As I mentioned earlier, accumulated stress can interfere with the normal functioning of your body and drastically reduce your productivity. At this stage, every little task becomes difficult to solve. Tasks you carry out without hassle now require long hours of brainstorming to put in prospect. Book a vacation now!

4. You Are At Edge With Everyone

Besides your poor performance at work and difficulty to concentrate on the task at hand, another effect of accumulated stress or overdue vacation is being at edge with everyone – family, friends, and colleagues. Everyone keeps asking what is wrong. Your colleagues are troubled. It seems something changed but they do not know why. You know something is wrong but you can’t tell what exactly is wrong. Well, let me help you out here – your vacation is long overdue.


Going months without a vacation is detrimental to your health, job, family, friends, and colleagues too. Vacations act as stress suppressant and relieve therapy to help renew your mind, body, and soul. Forget about the pile of work yet undone. Trying to work under such state is counterproductive after all. Take a break now before depression, aggression, and anxiety find a dwelling place in your life. Book a vacation now!

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