The 7 Types of Travelers You Can Meet on Your Trip

The 7 Types of Travelers You Can Meet on Your Trip

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While on a trip, you can come across numerous kinds of travelers. Travel is an entertaining exercise and can give you a lot of pleasure. Other than being able to see new things, you can come across many people traveling along with you who can make the trip more interesting for you. Usually, you can find these 7 types of fellow travelers on your trip.

Backpacker travelers

These travelers pack everything into their backpack, from water and food to portable tents to sleep in. They pack such gears in a compact form so that they can set off easily on camping, hiking, and other trips. This type of traveler stays for a night in the wilderness at least once during the trip.

Disabled travelers

They are people who suffer from one or more disability, and they have to take medicines along on their trips. They require some assistance while on the trip, which could be offered by members of disability assistance centers – such as the Royal National Institute of the Blind in case of blind travelers – or by fellow trippers. These people inspire you with their zest for life, and determination to enjoy life despite limitations and restrictions.

Budget travelers

These trippers travel on a budget and watch every penny that they spend. They are strict with their expenses and do not budge from their plan, even when they discover a wonderful travel opportunity. Unless you buy him or her a drink, this kind of traveler is unlikely to spend on even one extra drink.

Fancy photographer travelers

Photography is their hobby and they want to capture each and everything that they can lay their eyes on. They possibly have the costliest camera around their neck and take the longest time to click photos, as each and every photo must be ‘perfect’ for them. At any special site, you have to wait for him or her to come after taking their ‘perfect’ shot. They are also the ones to rise very early and catch things in the best light.

Constant whiner

He continuously complains about each aspect of the tour, and remarks that it is not up to the mark – whether it is the quality of the foods, the rooms, the travel car or even the weather. They generally claim to travel often and frequently wish to talk to the manager/tour agent/owner or some other “higher authority”. At some point, his / her constant complaining gets your goat and you wish that the person stayed at home or behaved ‘normally’.

Mr / Mrs. Know-it-All traveler

This kind of traveler studies all – whether the online blogs or the guidebooks – before coming to the trip. He/she loves to ask deep questions to the tour guide and often interrupts to show off knowledge.

Constant talker traveler

He/she cannot shut thier mouth and must go on and on. They crave discussions but are usually the ones who get things moving, along with the constant whiner. With them around, there are no risks of feeling lonely although sometimes it can get too much to handle.

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