How Can You Reduce Your Travel Anxiety?

How Can You Reduce Your Travel Anxiety?

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Traveling is fun, but many people suffer from a travel anxiety due to many reasons. This could be due to a scare of the unknown, worrying about family members and pets or the home and belongings, fear of unpleasant experiences during prior trips etc. The anxiety could arise due to the mode of transportation – such as train, airplane etc. This type of anxiety is common in both beginner and experienced travelers, and can be reduced in the following ways.

Make proper preparations

Before your trip, spend enough time in making proper preparations. Think about the annoyances and stuffs that bother you when you think about traveling.  Write them down in a piece of paper, and think about ways to tackle them. Plan, organize and take care of every possible detail in advance, so that you can end your traveling anxiety. For instance, if you are bothered about returning to a dirty home and tidying up the mess, you can hire a home cleaner to clean up everything before you return.

Stop procrastinating

The more you procrastinate and make excuses, the poorer your travel experience is likely to be. Your fears will not go away simply by avoiding the facts and putting off things for later. Down the line, it is you who has to deal with all those stuffs – be it packing, booking a ticket, making flight reservations etc – and doing all those within a short time will only make you more anxious. Start preparing early, so that you can handle all the important details, and avoid last minute anxiety and tension.

Tackle your phobias

If you suffer from claustrophobia, acrophobia or other fears, it is time that you discover the causes for the same. For example, it could be that looking out of an aeroplane gives you the chills or listening to the sound of a train reminds you of an accident that you witnessed long back. You can try closing your eyes in the plane, and not get a window seat. Similarly, if you feel claustrophobic inside an aircraft, you can request a window seat. If train sounds bother you, plug in earphones and listen to loud music of your choice. If you have social anxiety, have someone accompany you throughout the trip.

Read more about where you will be going

A great way to get rid of the unknown is to do research beforehand about the place you intend to go to. Go through various travel magazines, books and blogs and also check out travel guides to get more information about your destination, the people there, the things to avoid, how to behave there so as not to offend local sensibilities, how to dress to beat the climate etc.


Meditation is a proven way to calm the nerves and slow down the mind. You can meditate on the words of the Holy Bible or whatever epic is there in your religion, or on the nature and natural surroundings or listen to serene sounds or binaural beats that are freely available on the internet or try the yoga way of meditation that aims to connect practitioners with the higher consciousness. With excellent breath control, you can feel more confident.


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