How Can Senior Travelers Enjoy the Best Trips?

How Can Senior Travelers Enjoy the Best Trips?

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Traveling can be exhausting at times even for fit and healthy adults, and things can be even more troubling for the senior travelers amoungst us. The travel experience can be worsened due to expensive airfares, need for special requirements, limitations in services, airport securities and more. If you are a traveler who is senior in age, here are some useful tips to help you enjoy the best travel experience.

Know your rights

Senior citizens, particularly those over 75 years of age, are entitled to some types of special rights. At the airport, you can ask for help – such as a wheelchair if you have walking difficulties or escort for your luggage. These days, the TSA’s security checks have become more convenient for senior citizens. If you have a medical device implanted in your body, you can get to pass through a different kind of security clearance.

Book non-stop flights

For senior travelers facing sitting difficulties or requiring assistance with walking or having the inability to climb the stairs or walk for a long time, taking non-stop flights can be a better solution.  These flights can make it easier for you, and you can be spared of any additional effort during travel. You can prevent regional jets. As a senior traveler, maneuvering your way through elaborate security checks and airport clearance can be tough. With direct flights, you can get more comfort and convenience.

Search for senior travel discount offers

Many travel agencies and airlines have started to offer heavy discount offers for elderly travelers. It can be tough to find such discounts. However, with some careful research, it is possible to find these and make some fantastic savings. With such bookings, you can also get some special perks and privileges. Special offers extended by travel companies and airlines allow you to visit attractive destinations. Those with climate and conditions that are suited to your health, budget, and preferences.

Arrange for all necessary assistance

These days, airlines and airports are offering various perks to elderly travelers. If you are an elderly citizen yourself or plan to travel with a family member who is,  get in touch with the representatives of the airline that you will be flying with. By informing beforehand, you can get various assistances such as priority check-in, escorting guide, oxygen tanks, wheelchair and more without any additional expense. To avail all these, you have to place requests while making the reservation or a few days before the departure (depending on the airline policies) to obtain the necessary help on time.

Carry important belongings in carry-on luggage

Airlines and TSA give senior citizens the freedom to carry their important supplies, such as medications, in a carry-on luggage and keep it with them while flying. If you are scared of losing your baggage or fear you or some other senior citizen traveling with you falling sick while flying or needing something important, such as reading glasses, a digital device, undergarments, change of clothes, medicines etc, a carry-on luggage can be a good option.


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