How Can Disabled Travelers Enjoy their Trips?

How Can Disabled Travelers Enjoy their Trips?

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Disabled people, as compared to earlier times, face lesser discrimination today. Life is easier for them due to legislations that have been passed in many countries to safeguard their interests. A number of public buildings have also been renovated or designed to fit the needs of people suffering from disabilities. Here are some useful tips to help disabled travelers enjoy their trips safely.

Make advance planning

The more you make advance plans, the better the trip is going to be for you. You can reduce the risks of being stranded and other inconveniences. The topmost priority is to book flights and rooms in hotels. But if you wish to stay at the house of a relative or a friend, it is essential to notify them in advance. You can be better prepared. Also arrange for an airport pickup.

Reserve a disabled friendly hotel

Many disabled friendly hotels have structures designed specially to accommodate the needs of disabled visitors. These hotels have strict emergency protocols to ensure that guests with disabilities are not left behind during emergency situations, such as fires or earthquakes. In many regular hotels, such protocols are not followed.

Benefit from special disabled-friendly travel packages

Such travel packages include airport transfers, tour guides, wheelchairs and other special equipment to make trips easier for disabled trippers. As part of the packages, bookings are also made in incapacitated-friendly flights, transportation facilities, hotels etc. You can also get to eat and drink at eateries, restaurants, bars, pubs etc that are specially designed to fit the needs of incapacitated travelers and visitors.

Know about your rights

Disabled people face many challenges while traveling, particularly when they turn up at the airport. They have difficulties in getting proper directions and information, made worse by long queues and many others traveling. As an incapacitated person, you can get help from attendants at airports who cater to the requirements of those with disabilities. While traveling, as a disabled traveler, you are not treated any differently while going through security measures. You are even protected from all types of discrimination from airlines. You should know about the rights you have as a disabled traveler, in order to prevent discrimination while traveling.

Take extra medicines along

It is tougher for disabled travelers to go out and visit many drug stores to get the medication they have been prescribed. Make sure that you do not run out of medicines during your travel. You should properly store your medicines somewhere safe in your travel bag, and also keep a few in your person, to ensure safety and easier access.

Take direct flights

Connecting flights can be tiring for disabled people, and also increase the risk of losing luggage and suffering injuries for them while they move in and out of airplanes. Taking a direct flight reduces all such risks and can save much time and effort while you travel. This can also ensure that you do not have to be stranded in some airport to wait for any connecting flight.


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